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Use this site to help select the best CAD program for your Mac. We review, compare and rate CAD software for Mac OS-X to give you informed recommendations for the most effective Computer Aided Design software to meet your needs.

Contact the AppleCAD team and a CAD expert will answer your questions. The service is free and designed to clarify your choices when using an Apple Mac for CAD. You can not buy software from this site but we can advise you of the best places to get your choice of CAD for Mac software.

We welcome news and information you provide to us relating to any CAD software for Mac. New information is added almost daily.

CAD software is available for 2D drafting, 3D modeling or both. Architecture, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, machinery design, product design, jewelry design and other specialist design fields have specialist CAD software suited specifically to them. Be sure to ask us for the product that best suits your design requirements.

We limit recommendations to CAD that works with modern operating systems such as OS-X Lion, Snow Leopard, Maverick, El Capitan, Sierra. You will also find references to older Macs OS-X’s. Our focus is on professional CAD software rather than ‘free’ CAD software for Mac. So called free CAD software tend to either be evaluation products or not of high enough standard to be included in our round-ups and evaluations.

If you’re an Apple software vendor and would like to contribute information, opinions or materials relating to the topic, contact our editors.

Enjoy using various CAD software on your Mac … We do.

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Note: Our CAD experts will respond to your questions in a timely manner, however they do so as volunteers and only check-in once a day.