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CAD software for Mac All CAD software for Mac in one place to help you choose the right CAD program for your Apple® Mac computer. We review and compare CAD for Mac using Mac OS X from early OS-X to El Capitan. We also touch on CAD for Mac running Windows® via Parallels, Bootcamp or VmWare Fusion,

Choosing the right CAD software for Mac is made easier using information available on this site. We encourage you to contact the team with your questions and we’ll make sure a CAD expert in your area of interest responds to you. The service is completely free and serves to clear possible consumer confusion and inform you in the best way possible.

Mac OS-X CAD software is available for general 2D drafting, general 3D modelling or both. Industries such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, machinery design, product design and others have specific CAD software suited to their needs.

When browsing the product information on this site please note that many of the descriptions are taken from the vendors’ own marketing materials and may be written in ‘sales speak’. If that product has been reviewed by our team the sales speak is removed and replaced with facts or observation. The review section is good place to look for more discerning information. New information is added regularly to this site so we welcome news and information that you can provide relating to CAD programs for Mac computers.

This is not a commercial site – You are not able to purchase software here, however you can locate the nearest re-seller of any product listed on this site by contacting the team who will respond as quickly as possible and point you in the right direction.

The site is focused on modern Apple hardware with Intel chip-sets and later operating systems such as OS-X Lion, Snow Leopard and Maverick  but you will find reference to older machines and software. We also focus mostly on commercial, professional CAD software rather than ‘free’ CAD software for Mac as these tend to either be evaluation products or not of high enough standard to be included.

We add new reviews every week and post new information and answers to your questions regularly.

If you are an Apple Mac software vendor and would like to contribute information, opinions or materials relating to the topic, contact our editors. Enjoy using CAD on your Apple Mac … we do.