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  1. James G

    Hello AppleCAD,

    I have never used CAD before but it is something that I wish to learn, sparked mainly by my access to a 3D printer (makerbot).

    Can you please suggest a program or free applications that are not only easy to use, but also have an abundance of tutorials or material to help me learn more about the intricacies of CAD.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. applecadmin Post author

      Hi James,
      I would suggest SketchUp Make (free software) will be your best option. Easy to learn and use with hundreds of YouTube videos and a massive following of users and teachers etc.

  2. eric-jan

    i am all so looking for 3d soft ware for my 3d printer
    i use vellum Graphite now for 22 years and helps to build
    my 3 d printer
    would vellum cobalt be a good solution for me
    it is not terrible expensive and blender drives me nuts

    1. applecadmin Post author

      eric-jan, Cobalt would be a great choice, especially as you have already experienced 2D software from the same development team. You will no doubt find it suits the way you have been trained to think.


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